Allows for the easy creation of tool tips that are displayed below buttons. Requires a widget and overlays a simple tool tip once hovered over by the mouse. Created with py:meth:createToolTip

Inheritance diagram of tools.tooltip
class ToolTip(widget)[source]

Displays text in a label below a passed widget

Parameters:widget – The widget tooltip will be binding text to

Hide or destroy the tool tip label when the mouse leaves widget. Bound to the '<Leave>' event when createToolTip() is called


Create and pack the tooltip, bound to the '<Enter>' event when createToolTip() is called

Parameters:text (str) – string to place inside label
create_tool_tip(widget, text)[source]

Create an instance of ToolTip and bind the '<Enter>' and '<Leave>' events for displaying to the widget passed

  • widget – the widget for the tooltip to be displayed below
  • text (str) – text contained in the tooltip