> how do I actually run this project?
The main is included in, once you’ve followed the installation instructions run it through either eclipse or python
> when I try to run the project I get the error:
> ImportError:  cannot import name _imagingtk

First, ensure you do not have PIL installed alongside Pillow. These two packages can not coexist and will likely cause issues if you have both installed.

If that is not the case, for Linux users try running sudo apt-get install python-imaging-tk . Windows users need to take a couple extra steps

  • Remove any related packages on conda, conda remove PIL or conda remove pillow
  • Install PIL from here , PIL-1.1.7.win32-py2.7.exe. Ensure you install to Lib/site-packages
> ccplot's build cannot find HdfEosDef.h
This is an error due to the script not being comprehensive, the solution is covered in the Installation instructions for Linux. You can also read about why you get this issue on the github bug tracker for ccplot here[1]
> running 'port selfupdate' gives me error about the connection being refused
Your firewall is likely blocked, see the OS X installations instructions for further information
> ccplot can't seem to find the package basemap, but I already installed it
The problem is that your python path is probably set to the default python supplied by OS X, but you want to use the python supplied by macports. To do this see the OS X installations instructions
> while importing PIL on windows, Eclipse tells me Image
> and ImageTk are unresolved
This is a known issue, and unless you are actually receiving errors this can be ignored