Development EnviromentΒΆ

VOCAL hosts support for a couple different IDE’s, but there is really no mandatory development enviroment required. Here are a couple recommendations based on your platform 32-bit is a must for now, as much as we wish 64-bit would work out there are some dependencies we just can’t get rid of.


  • PyCharm

    PyCharm is also a super powerful IDE for developing, and the plus here is it offers tools that ensure you follow the correct programming practices as outlined in the Coding Conventions.

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse is great IDE that offers some powerful tools, the VOCAL repository comes with a project file that allows for developers to easily load the project. See The Installation Page for steps on setting up Eclipse with VOCAL.


  • Console + VIM

    If you’re a console loving guy, nothing is wrong with developing VOCAL using just the command line and the text editor of your choice (which should be VIM, right?)

  • PyCharm

    Highly recommended, very easy to setup e.g. start the program and it’s all set up. As mentioned above great to ensuring you follow the coding conventions as listed above.