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Select important regions of visualized data; Build databases composed of those regions and share your findings with other scientists around the globe. VOCAL aims to do it all, from visualization to sharing.

Open Source, for the community and by the community

Get started using our in-depth guide, or read the docs and help contribute today. VOCAL is an ever evolving tool aimed to meet the communities needs.

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The Team

The Visualization of CALIPSO (VOCAL) is a community project funded under NASA DEVELOP and the CALIPSO science team. Researchers need better methods for visualizing CALIPSO satellite data and identifying objects of interest as well as sharing those regions they find important with other people.

VOCAL is designed to do just that. We bring package visualization of CALIPSO data, feature selected, and feature database management all into one application. We hope to bring the scientific community together on a tool that can standardize methods of sharing data as well as begin building a global database of regions of interest within CALIPSO satellite data. In the distant future, if a researcher needs CALIPSO data from a plume of smoke that happened at xx.xx.xxxx date and appeared near y, he/she could easily perform a query in his application that gave him all regions of data within that parameter frame.

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